Chia Plotting Services – Price Comparison

Chia Plotting Services – Price Comparison

Why plot yourself when you can buy plots online. Welcome to the world of plotting on demand services.

We have compared some of the growing number of Chia plotting services available.

Is it worth buying plots? Only you can decide that, if you do not have the high end equipment for plotting then maybe it will save you money on buying equipment. Ultimately no one yet knows the true value of the XCH token so a lot will depend on that.

How can some one else plot for me? Plotting services will plot using your PUBLIC and POOL keys. DO NOT share your PRIVATE keys.

How do i get my plots? Service come as either Cloud or Physical. Some services will supply the plots to the cloud for you download and some will fill physical hard drives for you and ship them. Physical services often offer to receive your drive or supply you a new one from their stock.

Note: We have converted prices to USD for comparison, these rates may change. Where possible we will note the currency the site uses for it’s pricing. We have also listed the prices per k32 plot (where a per TB service exists we have divided by 10 (roughly 10 plots per TB) for simplicity so there will be some small error)

We will endeavour to update this list of suppliers and their prices up to date as best we can, but please check for yourself to be sure. A comparison table is at the end of this article if you just want to see the costs compared.

NOTE: We have not tested any of these services, so you do so at your own risk. If we see or hear of any reports of scams we will do our best to update this list to remove any services we believe not to be genuine.

WARNING:  Never share your private key (24-word mnemonic) with anyone. Plotting services only require your public farm and pool keys to plot for you.

Buy Chia Plots offers a Gold and Gold plus service. Overnight shipping of physical drives with a cost of between $4.00 & $6.00 per plot respectively. They have a high minimum order number compared to other services we looked at of 500 or 3,000 plots. They have a very high capacity at 40TB per day.

Update: We were contacted by Adam at on the Chia Forum and he advised us: – we offer free overnight (return) shipping to all U.S. residents, and we are also able to accommodate fill physical drives for large orders from other countries around the world.

The Gold Plus service offers instant farming as they start farming the plots for you as they are produced.


Chia Canada offers two options for plotting to your HDD’s and an option to buy drives from them which they will plot to before sending to you. The Standard service will do up to 10 plots per day for $2.40 per plot and Express will do up to 30 plots per day at $4.80 per plot. These figures are converted in USD, the site has it’s pricing is in Canadian Dollars (CDN$).


The Chia factory can plot up to 3 plots in parallel for you at 8 hours per plot for $3.50 per plot. Order maximum is 100 plots with volume discounts of up to 25% so the price could be as low as $2.63 per plot however their FAQ states 10 plots per order so possibly that needs updating. Chia factory is purely cloud based and gives you 2 days to download your completed plots


Chia Mining Co (

Chia Mining Co. offer both physical plotting services, with either you shipping your HDD to them in California or they can supplying you with a new one. rates are a very competitive $20/TB which equates to roughly $2.00 per K32 plot. Cloud plotting with downloads is promised soon. They have a current capacity of 15TB a day and they are aiming to grow that.


Chi Plot offer 3 variations on their cloud plotting service, Single Plot on Demand, 30 Day Plotting and a 100 Plot express bundle. Single plot on demand is priced at $4.80 per plot with the other two services both at $3.00 per plot.


Chi Plotting Services has currently suspended its service but we have included them for completeness. It is possibly not surprising they had such huge demand when you see that they only charge roughly $2.00 per plot (actually priced at $20 per TB).

They offer Plotting Only, where you send your drives to them or Disk & Plot where they supply the drive and fill it for you before shipping out.


Chia-Plots run an auction style model, offering plots at the time we looked at between $8.41 and $14.42. New auctions are due to start every 12 hours although at the time of looking they were still in the process of making some upgrades to their system. Plot downloads are available for a month after you win which is longer than many sites offer.

Website: have kept things very simple with plots for $5.00. Payment by PayPal, include you keys and that’s about it. Delivery is promised in a few hours and the link lasts for 10 days.


Midwest Plotting simply boast a “Hassle free plotting service based in the United Sates” with no further details on price or anything else except an email address link. If we find out anymore we will be sure to update here.


Outs Martin Technology are a physical plot service offering plots in Canada and the USA only. You can send in your HDD’s or buy from them. They charge $20.32 per TB or approx. $2.03 per plot (charged in CDN at $25 CDN per TB) plus shipping. Their current capacity is around 2TB per day so expect about a 4 day wait if you order one of their 8TB drives.


Plots Formation are a cloud plotting service with options for Europe and the USA. Prices range from $1.80 for their Economy service, $2.40 for Standard and up to $3.00 per plot for their Express service. Plotting is sold per TB or 10 plots. Download links are live for 7 days after completion.


Stella Chia, based in California offer Chia plots in 2TB blocks for $40 which works out for comparison at $2.00 per plot. They also mention hosting plots although there is no further information on their very spares website. In fact we can’t even tell you if they are offering a cloud or physical service. Perhaps they are preparing to host a pool.


So there you have it for Chia plotting services we could find below is a simpler price comparison chart.

Price Comparison Table

SiteCost per k32Cloud/PhysicalCountry$4-$6PhysicalUSA/WW$2.40-$4.80PhysicalCanada$2.63-$3.50Cloud
Chia Mining Co$2.00BothUSA$3.00-$4.80Cloud$2.00 (N/A)Cloud$8.41-$14.42CloudEurope/USA$5.00Cloud
Listed in alphabetical order, not by price.

So that’s all the sites we know of for now. If we find any more or notice any price changes we will be sure to update this article. If you have any services to add then please contact us via email: Jonboy (at) or on the Chia Forum:

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Special thanks to Chia Links website for their work in putting together a great list of Plotting Services, see their list at:

The Disclaimer! None of this is financial advice and so you do all this at your own risk, the values of any token can go up and down so you may lose some or all of your money in Fiat terms. We simply provide this article as education and information on how to do things, not an endorsement of doing them!

Happy Plotting and Farming gang!